Introducing Extreme Mustang Makeover Horse: Amarande

This is part one in a series that will show the progression of an Extreme Mustang Makeover horse, Amarande, and his trainer, Anna Schaben, from the beginning of his training to the end.  The end being an auction in Ft. Collins, CO after the Extreme Mustang Makeover competition.  An earlier video in this series shows Amarande and Anna one week before the show.  So now I will take you back to the beginning and show the entire progression including video footage from the competition.  In this video Anna has only had the horse about three days.  And already they are both getting along nicely.

Laying Down a Green Horse – Celerina

In this video I show how I lay down Celerina, a 3 year old mustang for my Extreme Mustang Makeover Barrel Slot Race. This is the third time I have laid this mare down. Every time I have done this she has gotten back up a more trusting horse.  The next two videos on tap will be Laying Down Celerina without a saddle and then joining up with your horse.  When I join up with Celerina she will follow me anywhere.  And oh ya . . . “I LOVE THIS HORSE!”

Laying Your Horse Down Part 1

I have had several requests to make videos and explain how I lay my horses down.  I don’t have time now to put up any detailed instructions about laying down your horse this week, but I do have a video ready to go with an experienced horse.  In this video Dollar, who had been laid down several times, will lay down pretty simply.  They don’t always go this smoothly.  I also have a video with my new mustang Celerina.  She has never been laid down before, and was only touched by human a few weeks ago.  As soon as I get that video processed I will put it up.

Showing a Mustang After 90 Days

I had a request to show my riding/training abilities on iTunes.  So here is a video of Amarande.  He is a mustang from the Devine Basin in Nevada.  When I picked up this horse in Elm Creek, NE he had never been touched.  This is a video after I had worked with him 90 days.  If you want to see more of Amarande check my photos out from know Your Horse on Facebook.  I have hundreds of photos of “Andy” that show his progress from the pick up to the show.  My husband wishes we could have brought this mustang home.  He was a great horse.