Other Places to Find Me

Enjoy the website?  If so then check out my other hang outs.

The Horse Addict website.  This website is a blog site about my riding adventures.  On it I talk about my rides, talk about shopping for tack, about what do to when you can’t ride and just about anything having to do with horses.

Know Your Horse Face Book page.  If you go to my Face Book page and click on the “Like” button, you will get all my updates to both my websites.  You can also view my photos which I’m adding more all the time.  Also you can share your photos with everyone that is a member of this page.

thehorseaddict on Twitter. I also have a Twitter account where you can follow me.  It will also let you know when I update any information of either of my websites.

And when I’m not on the computer, I’m on a horse.

Happy Trails!


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