Grooming Your Horse: Daily

Just like it is important for you to keep clean and brush your hair, it is important for your horse.  Regular grooming of you horse will help keep his coat clean and healthy.  This article is going to discuss how to groom your horse for everyday.  I will be adding an article on  how to groom your horse for a show later on.

To start I take a rubber curry comb and work it in small circles all over my horse’s neck and body.  This  helps bring  any loose dirt or hair to the surface of his coat so it can be brushed away.  I prefer to use a rubber curry comb unless my horse if muddy because it is easier on his skin.

After I have curried my horse, I use a body brush to remove all the dirt and hair from the surface of his coat.  With the brush in hand you brush the direction that the hair grows.  I use quick strokes with a flick at the end to flick the hair away.  Brushing not only helps remove debris from the coat, but it also helps distribute oil from your horse’s skin along his hair shaft.  I use the brush all over the horse’s body.Then I brush his front legs and I brush his back legs.I pretty much brush any part of his body covered with hair.

Finally, I take a small, soft bristled face brush and brush my horses face and ears.  Brushing your horse regularly with help keep his coat healthy and clean.  I seldom wash my horse with soap and water, because it removes the natural oil from your horse’s skin.  I try to brush my horse whenever I catch him, that way he related being caught with something good.  I also always brush my horse before and after a ride.  By doing this you can look over your horse’s body and make sure he doesn’t have any injuries that may need attention.  Following is a link to my video on brushing your horse.