This is going to be a web site dedicated to educating people about horses.  This is going to be a fantastic website for beginning horsemen and for veterans looking for a different point of view on working with their horses.  This web site is going to include everything you want to know about horses from basic care to tip on training your horse.  I will constantly be adding new info and will cover almost every subject about horses.  I will have many typed articles on here, along with countless short videos.  If there is any subject that I have skipped or haven’t gotten to yet, please feel free to write in and let me know what you want me to cover.  All ideas are welcome.

I’m not a professional, but I have ridden and trained horses most of my life.  And as I go along I want you to remember that I’m presenting one way to do a certain thing and there are numerous ways to get the same result, this is just one way to get there.  Like people every horse is different, and what works with one might not work with another.

The pictures on this page are of my daughter and our horse Zan Pat Two (Dollar) at a local 4-H show.   You will probably be seeing them often.  Dollar is a horse I purchased as a yearling.  I’ve done all the training on him.  He’s a wonderful horse that just about anyone can ride.

Thanks for visiting  my site,